The rights and obligations of members

12/15/2016 07:09:26 pm


• to participate in the management of the ASSOCIATION in the manner provided by the Statute;
• to elect and to be elected to management bodies of the ASSOCIATION and its separate divisions, to initiate the creation of such units to fulfill the statutory objectives of the ASSOCIATION;
• to participate in conferences, seminars and other events organized and held by the ASSOCIATION or its part;
• to vote at General meetings of the ASSOCIATION members;
• to use all types of methodological, consultative and other assistance that can be provided by the ASSOCIATION;
• to require consideration any questions relating to the activities of the ASSOCIATION at a General meeting;
• to discuss any matters of the ASSOCIATION activities, to submit proposals for improving the activities of the ASSOCIATION to the Board;
• to obtain complete and accurate information about the activities of the ASSOCIATION, including decisions and actions taken;
• to participate in the General meeting, temporary and permanent commissions, and other working groups;
• to appeal decisions, actions or inaction of the bodies of the ASSOCIATION;
• to obtain help from the ASSOCIATION to protect their legitimate rights and interests as a member of the ASSOCIATION;
• to give up the membership of the ASSOCIATION in the manner and on the terms provided in this Statute;
• to have other rights stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine and resolutions of the General meeting.


• to comply with the requirements of this Statute, other internal documents of the ASSOCIATION and carry out the decisions of the General meeting, of the management Board and other management bodies of the ASSOCIATION, which are mandatory for members and comply with current legislation of Ukraine;
• to pay membership dues in time, in the amount and manner stipulated by the regulations on membership fees;
• to adhere to professional ethics;
• to participate actively in achieving the goals and objectives of the ASSOCIATION, to contribute fully to its activities;
• to avoid actions that discredit the ASSOCIATION;
• to inform the authorities of the ASSOCIATION about the facts known which may adversely affect the ASSOCIATION's activities and violations of the present Statute;
• carry out other duties stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine, this Statute and internal documents of the ASSOCIATION.

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